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Laura Riley, Ph.D.


Having a life long love of dogs has lead me to my dream job.  My background working as a Psychology Professor, and research specialization in sport psychology, lead me to understand some of the psychological dynamics between canine athletes and their owners. I have trained our own pets to be therapy dogs, worked as a Pet Gal pet sitter, and have several pets who have benefited from holistic healing methods. These experiences have given me a unique background that has lead me to pursue training in canine massage.

Yeager was my heart dog (that special dog that becomes your soulmate) and the inspiration for “Heart Hound Massage”. Yeager had a heart of gold and for years gave back by being a therapy dog and provided comfort to the sick and to at risk students in a reading program.  For many years, Holistic healing methods helped Yeager’s elbow dysplasia, giving him a better quality of life, and enabled him to bring joy to others well into his senior years.  In honor of Yeager's memory, I would like to dedicate my abilities to help other amazing dogs live a longer quality life to spend with their owners by providing therapeutic massage.

My training is from the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) which is accredited by the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM).  I am certified in Advanced Massage Techniques for Sporting and Senior Dogs and a member of International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork (IAAMB). I have also completed three TTouch Companion Animal courses (over 150 hours), and am currently studying Acupressure at Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, and am certified in Canine CPR. 

Why Canine Massage?



The Canine Journal (November, 2017) provides several benefits of canine massage:

· Reduces muscle pain and stiffness and improves muscle tone 

· Increases energy, concentration and alterness 

· Helps animals learn to relax, reduces stress and anxiety 

· Promotoes circulation 

· Helps immune system functioning 

· Aids in helaing from surgery or injury 

· Provides better well being of your pet by slowing degenerative processes 

Puppies to  senior dogs can benefit from massage.  Canine athletes, service dogs, and working and hunting dogs also receive great benefits from massage. I hope to be able to help your special dog feel better and perform at their best.

How It Works...



This is a mobile service and I come to your home for pet therapy, where your dog is most comfortable.  Texas law requires Veterinarian approval prior to any dog massage, and I have attached the Veterinarian form at the bottom of this website, under "Required Forms." Service rates  are listed on the contact form. 

Service Rates

What is Bemer Therapy?

The circulation of our blood is the engine that keeps us going. BEMER aids your body in trying to heal itself by increasing blood flow, specifically microcirculation. The heart pumps blood through the main arteries, which sends blood flow to micro-vessels. it is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body.

Your pet BEMER is designed to improve circulation thereby support the body’s natural self-regulating processes. (Cited from Life.Bemergroup.com)

I have tried the BEMER on myself and by using it daily, in a matter of months, my persistent shoulder and knee discomfort went away, and feel more energetic and younger.  My own dogs are also big fans of the BEMER and have sessions a couple times a week.   

How Do I incorporate BEMER sessions into Massage?

BEMER therapy is extremely safe and doesn’t cause discomfort, and only takes 8 minutes. We lay out the BEMER mat and your dog makes decision whether to lay on the mat, and how long (maximum is 8 minutes). I always allow the dog the choice.  I usually put out the BEMER mat at the beginning or end of massage. 

BEMER compliments massage by aiding your body in its self-healing process.  In a session, your dog can get the benefits of both massage  and BEMER.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will my pet feel during BEMER sessions? 

Your pet may feel nothing or little tingling, but there’s no discomfort and it’s like laying on a bed.  Although every pet acts differently, I find that most pets relax and you sometimes have to wake them up to get them off the mat.  

What type of pet issues will be helped by BEMER? 

BEMER According to Dr. John Simon, DVM, “The pets I have treated with BEMER therapy are also experiencing similar positive results. BEMER therapy is more correctly called “physical vascular therapy” because it affects target the microvasculature of the entire circulatory system. It therefore is of value in treating any discomfort that could benefit from an increased blood and oxygen supply.” (http://onpets.com/bemer-therapy-for-improved-oxygen-utilization/)

What are some ‘contraindications’ or situations which my dog shouldn’t use the BEMER? 

Dogs who are currently undergoing chemotherapy should not use the BEMER.  Owners who have undergone organ/bone marrow transplantation or have pacemakers should not assist their dogs on the mat as this can change the function of their medications and devices.  There is no risk to the owners once the session is complete, though, so they should not hesitate to bring their dogs for treatments (https://www.chamisavet.com/bemer-therapy.html)

If my dog is on medications, can they have BEMER Sessions?Every dog is different in how they will respond to the BEMER and their medications.  You should talk with your veterinarian about your dog's medications as the BEMER applications progress and discuss together dosages and frequency of medications.   All regular medications that most old dogs take (NSAIDs, pain medications, glucosamine, etc.) are safe to be used with the BEMER and may be reduced over time. The only medications that a dog may take that should  never be used at the same time as the BEMER is chemotherapy as this may change how the anti-cancer drugs work in the body.   Once the chemotherapy is complete, BEMER may help improve recovery time 

To date, no dangerous side effects have been detected with short or long-term application.  (https://www.chamisavet.com/bemer-therapy.html) 

BEMER REsearch

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What is BEMER?  How does it work?


This is a short video (5min) on how BEMER enhances microcirculation:


This is a long video (45min) that talks about the technology and use in humans:


This link talks about the unique partnership with BEMER and NASA:


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